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Monowill and handrail stanchions Specifications

stainless steel handrail

Stanchion Specifications

Monowills handrail and stanchions are available in three material types;
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

Stanchion Spacing

Webforge Tubular Handrail Systems are manufactured to comply with Australian Standard AS 1657.

Specifications table

Kickplate Mounting Brackets

Specification 45mm x 50mm x 5mm long angle

All kickplate brackets are mounted right side when viewed from walking surface.
Note: Non-standard kickplate mounting brackets manufactured to order.
Slot allows 7mm up or down adjustment to kickplate.

40mm x 40mm x 6mm angle
P, S Stanchion
   80mm x 40mm x 6mm angle
SO Stanchion
   85mm long

Stanchion Weights


Base Plates

All base plates (other than AM type)
Specification 75mm x 145mm x 10mm
Holes 17.5mm dia @ 102mm centres

AM type base plates
Specification 65mm x 170mm x 10mm
Holes 17.5mm dia @ 125mm centres


Pipe Sizes

The tolerances for pipes will depend on the pipe specification that is used.
  1. Variations in cross section
    Specified OD up to 50mm +/- 0.2mm
    Over 50mm OD to 75mm +/- 0.25mm
  2. Variations in thickness +/- 10%

Base Plates

All dimensions +/- 1mm
Thickness +/- 0.2mm

Sphere Drilling

Drilled diameters 2 to 4mm oversize
Hole Angle +/- 1º in any direction (any 2 axis)
All stanchiones (except AM) +/- 0.5º in the slope direction only

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